Peppa Pig to blame for strain on NHS

December 14, 2017

We can't believe it either, but it turns out that Peppa Pig has come under fire by a GP, accusing the show of fostering an inappropriate dependence on the NHS "minor ailments". Dr Catherine Bell, a GP in Sheffield, says the awful impact the show has had on its viewers’ responses to illness, with "common sense lapsing at the hands of the hypochondriac tendencies depicted on the show".

Dr Bell, herself the mother of a toddler, is no stranger to Peppa Pigs antics.

Dr Bell is concerned that the shows doctor, Dr Brown Bear, seems to be enacting disproportionate clinical responses to commonplace illnesses. One example Bell cites is when Dr Brown Bear makes a supposedly urgent house visit to check on Peppa when she has a facial rash, prescribing a dose of medicine and reassuring the parents that the ailment is “nothing serious”. 

Dr Brown Bear, however, isn’t totally inept and Bell praises his “clinically appropriate” management of the symptoms of a cold, for which he advises bed rest and warm milk.  We'd advise Dr Bell takes Dr Brown Bears advice and 'has a lie down' to relax a little... but maybe avoid watching Peppa Pig!