So Solid - The Movie?

October 26, 2017

See that headline?! Dear sweet lord... please... NO!  Just... NO!  

Now, don't get us wrong - there's a small percentage of the Radio Rebooted team who loved the So-Solid Crew when they were 'a thing'... (we're looking at you, James!) but it's 2017!

So, today, dear reader, it's our slightly unhappy duty to report that Lisa Maffia, a singer with the So Sold Crew (or was that Cru?!) has revealed their band's tale could be on its way to the big screen!

Their biggest hit 21 Seconds (remember that) dropped in 2001 and since then Lisa has pursued a solo career with fellow crew members Harvey and Asher D.

Speaking to the Metro newspaper, Lisa said: "So Solid Crew aren’t over, we’ll never be over. We’re not done at all.

"And we’ve got a movie in the pipeline as well, we’ve got a So Solid Crew movie coming up and it’s all about the history of the group."