Stop Legoland?!

November 01, 2017

*Sarcasm Alert*

We think we may have found the worlds most fun people EVER!  

*End Sarcasm Alert*

Legoland has been given the go ahead to build a new theme park in the USA.  Great news, you'd think, right?  Apparently, according to ABC7 New York, this group of people are not happy about it.

Here at Radio Rebooted, we did around 45 seconds of research and assertained that the people in the photo protesting Legoland aren't exactly Legolands target demographic - but maybe they should be. How anybody could be against such a thing is entirley beyond us.  Boxes of Lego clearly state they are for ages 4 - 99, so some nasty lego related disaster (maybe a missing piece from a box or something) must have befallen these folk to make them so against it all.

Anway, lets hope we've put the words 'LegoLand' in this post enough to score us... err, we mean you... some free flights out there when it opens.