James Beckingham

When he's not at Radio Rebooted, James can be found driving Britains fastest.... domestic passenger trains.  Bet you didn't think we were going to say that, eh?!

James' passion for radio saw him enter the hallowed ground of the Capital Radio Group in 2002 in Kent, being the runner for the sports show for Gillingham FC.  He quickly progressed up to the companies head office in London where he met, among others, todays boss of Radio Rebooted.  He had a blast working at the Capital Lab and working on various radio stations there.  In between, he presented, produced, set up (and closed down) a bunch of radio stations at various radio groups.  As the radio stations closed before his very eyes - his final bastion of broadcasting was removed from him at a coffee shop in Shoreditch, along with his robot sidekick.

James found himself out of places to ply his trade and before long decided that maybe he should enact his other boyhood dream and see if he could drive a train.  Turns out - he is pretty good at it, and has won a bunch of awards for it which sit nicely in his trophy cabinet next to the radio ones for 'Most Radio Stations closed down' and 'Oddest place ever broadcast from'  (It was the Disney Store on Oxford Street, if you're wondering).